In-Home System

Our most popular medical alert system. A 2-way voice medical alert system. Get fast 24/7 emergency push-button help today. Requires a tradtional landline phone jack. VoIP options are available also.

  • Up to 600-800 ft. Wireless Range

  • 5 Day Battery Back-Up

  • EMT Certified Monitoring

  • Supervised System

Features Include:

  • Periodic Test Calls

  • Wrist & Necklace Button

  • VoIP options available



E-responder Mobile Button

The E-responder can go anywhere and do anything. A fully equipped medical alert system on-the-go! Achieve peace of mind knowing you can go anywhere and be protected, no matter what life throws at you.  

Features Include:

• Help anytime, anywhere - Live the active lifestyle you want to
• Press one button (SOS) to live 911 operator

• Wearable as necklace, on belt, in pocket, purse, or car

• 2-way voice speaker phone
• Small, lightweight and NOW water resistant
• Charger cable included

• Great for Protection away from home


SmartGo Personal

Safety & Security

The SmartGo device is compact and packed with features. Made tough to handle anything you throw at it. Ergonomically designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

Features Include:

  • Real Time GPS Tracking

  • Compact & Convenient

  • Fall Detection

  • Two-way Voice

  • SOS Emergency Button

  • 24 Hour Monitoring

  • Durable & Waterproof

  • Online Application featuring Geofencing

  • Charging Dock Available

  • Direct Connect to a Live Operator


Call 1-800-716-1433 for more info