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Jean R.

MedGuard Alert is reliable, convenient, and provides excellent, caring, and personalized attention. The longer I have had the service and the older I get, the happier I am that I have MedGuard Alert by my side!

Bobbi N.

I moved from New York to Oregon 2 weeks ago. I heard about a feature called "fall detector" so I called MedGuard Alert and spoke to Mike who explained many new products that were available on my plan...I received excellent customer service from Mike and more importantly, he was so personable and nice on the phone. I am so glad I chose MedGuard Alert! And they are very lucky to have such a good employee! 

Gladys N.

I have been a customer since 2004! The staff at MedGuard Alert has always been courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks to them I feel safe in my home!

Peggy C.

Excellent customer service, anytime I have a question the representative spends time answering me and making sure I understand!

Mary G.

I like that I feel someone is with me all the time, even when I am alone.

Jo Ann C.

I love that with MedGuard Alert I don't have to be confined to my house to feel safe! I can be independent and relaxed leaving home and feeling great that in case of an emergency, I can get help right away- wherever I am!

Geraldine H.

MedGuard Alert gives me a sense of independence and confidence. Both myself and my children feel at ease knowing that responders will be there for me at the push of a button.

Carol D.

Before MedGuard Alert , I was afraid to go anywhere by myself, since in the past, I have fallen many times. Now, I feel so safe and secure knowing I am monitored by GPS to find and help me no matter where I go!

Louis D.

I have been a subscriber for almost 3 years, and MedGuard Alert is always reliable and sends help quickly. The service lets me know that even when I am alone, I can always feel safe.

Ada S.

MedGuard Alert is easy to use, and I finally feel comfortable at home again- knowing help is there whenever I need it!

Cecelia B.

What a relief to hear the operator's voice right away when I push my MedGuard Alert button for help! I know I am secure and protected with immediate help whenever I need it. I have been a subscriber for over 5 years now, and I plan on being one for the rest of my life! 

Virginia M.

With MedGuard Alert , both my son and I have full peace of mind when I stay home alone. Though I've only had the service for a short while, I definitely recommend it!

Subscriber Since '09

Two weeks ago I fell outside of my bathroom. I hit my head on the door frame and was unable to lift myself off the floor. I pressed my alarm button and MedGuard Alert quickly responded. Unfortunately, it was the middle of the night and none of my neighbors on the call list answered, so the MedGuard Alert operator contacted 911 who dispatched EMS. Local police and EMS arrived shortly after and were able to gain access to my home using the medical lock-box I purchased from MedGuard Alert. I was taken to the ER where I received a CT scan, neurological exam and other necessary medical attention. I was fortunate enough to not have any severe injuries and was discharged. Without MedGuard Alert I would have remained on the floor for days...I fell on a Friday night and would have laid there until Sunday morning when my assistant arrives. THANK YOU MedGuard Alert!

Doreen F.

I have been with MedGuard Alert for over 5 years and highly recommend their products and services! Their customer service is excellent, always prompt, especially Howard...thank you so much for all of your help. My medical alarm makes me feel safe when I am home alone and it is so easy to use!

Verna W.

Not only does MedGuard Alert give me peace of mind, but my family too. They know that I will get help if I cannot reach my phone! Also, Howard was very helpful, great customer service. I look forward to recommending MedGuard Alert to others!

Randall W.

I am a long time customer who highly recommends MedGuard Alert to my family, friends and anyone! They provide prompt response and make me feel secure in case of an emergency. I also would like to thank Howard, the MedGuard Alert Customer Service Rep who I have been in close contact with! GREAT COMPANY

Stella B.

As a subscriber of over 5 years, I have never felt such peace of mind and reassurance that I am always protected with MedGuard Alert .

Doris E.

Nothing makes me feel more safe or comforted knowing that there is ALWAYS someone there for me with MedGuard Alert . I certainly recommend the MedGuard Alert service for anyone who lives alone.

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