The emergency response device space is pretty static. Many devices have similar look and feel, as well as similar functionality and features. We knew we could do better, provide more features and advancements for our customers. With the launch of our Care Watch, MedGuard Alert is now offering our customers 3 different options when it comes to personal protection.

  • MDX, In-home Medical System (phone
  • Personal Alert Devices (4G)
  • The Care Watch (4G)

Our standard systems provide the same great monitoring

The Personal 4G Care Watch protects and monitors you from accidental falls, incorporates health sensors, has a 2-way call audio speaker, an emergency SOS button on the side and alerts you when the battery is low.

Benefits & Features

  • Touchscreen Display for easy access to every application
  • Discreet Design that looks like a modern smart watch
  • Rechargeable Battery with 2-3 days of stand by time
  • SOS Button for emergency medical alerts
  • Water Resistant so you can wash your hands without worry
  • Wireless 4G LTE for nationwide cellular connectivity
  • Built in GPS Ability to Track you inside and outside of your home
  • View Your Vitals like your oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure

Mobile App provides even more great features like:

  • Pedometer (Step-counter)
  • Prescription Reminders
  • Contact List
  • Agenda
  • Weather & Temperature info

             and more…

Call today to learn more about getting your emergency medical alert system for FREE from MedGuard Alert. If you are currently working with Medicaid, you may qualify for additional discounts on monthly services.

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