When we provide seniors with our emergency medical alert systems, we always recommend a lock box. You may have seen a lockbox when house shopping, or perhaps checking into an Airbnb. Our lockboxes help the medical professionals access a home without doing any damage. It can be easy to overlook this, but once you press an emergency alert system, how are they supposed get into your house?

This is where the lockbox comes in

No matter where you live, it is recommended that you lock your doors. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you may not be able to just pop up to answer the door when the ambulance arrives. While our MedGuard Alert system allows you to place the call for help, and the lockbox allows that help to reach you.

The lockbox we provide our customers is a small, discreet metal box that can be placed on your doorknob or on a railing. When you press the SOS button on your MedGuard Alert device, our monitoring company provides the combination needed to open the box, and ultimately your home to help service you.

What if I Don’t Have A Lockbox?

When your life is on the line, the medical professionals will do whatever it takes to access your home to provide service. This could include breaking down a door, or breaking a window to unlock a door. This also takes longer for the EMT’s to get to you, and in emergency situations, time is of the essence. Repairing or replacing your windows and doors can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Our lockbox will ensure that emergency personnel can enter your home without doing any damage to your home.

MedGuard Alert – Lockbox Process

When we send your emergency medical alert device, it will arrive with one of our lockboxes. We will provide the access code to you, as well as entering it into our monitoring station. They will provide this code to the EMT’s when they are dispatched to your home. You will never need to remember this code, or give it to anyone when they arrive – this all happens autonomously, on the backend.

Call today to learn more about getting your emergency medical alert system from MedGuard Alert and get your lockbox for FREE when you mention promotional code – LOCKBOX. If you are currently working with Medicaid, you may qualify for additional discounts on monthly services.

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