Home Care is a blanket term that covers a lot of options that provide different levels of care. This includes Privately Hired Caregivers, a Home Care Agency, Private Duty Home Care Agency and Home Care Registry.

Private Hired Caregivers

This refers to an independent contractor with a home care registry may be highly compassionate, lower in cost, and an overall good fit with the patient. You will be liable for the payroll taxes and possible work related injuries of the caregiver.

The Home Care Agency

Home care services are best when provided through an agency that employs, trains, bonds and insures, and background checks its caregivers.

Private Duty Agency

These agencies provide home care aides, companion care, homemaker services and may provide nursing services in the client’s home. “Private duty” can also translate to “private pay”.  No government subsidies are used for the cost of care. The most common methods for covering the cost of private duty home care is through long term care insurance benefits, out of pocket, or other types of savings arrangement.

The Home Care Registry
This is an organization that helps you locate a caregiver and places one in your home on an independent contractor basis.  Caregivers are not employed by the registry, and they are not responsibile for their training and supervision.

If your family cannot assume the full range of responsibilities, you would be better off working through an agency.  If the family chooses to hire privately, you need to consult a lawyer and an accountant to assure that they make proper arrangements for all of their obligations.

Community Living vs. Staying At Home

The costs associated with a retirement community can cost between $40K-$70K per year.  Sometimes, this is the best option but private duty home care (and staying at home) is typically a cost effective option.

Staying at home is often a preferred option. Comfort of staying in a familiar environment and avoiding the ‘change’ of relocating can be much easier for stress levels of seniors that may not need daily care.

The National Private Duty Association (NPDA) is the nation’s leading association for providers of private duty home care. They have a searchable database to provide consumers with a comprehensive list of NPDA members nationwide. (https://www.nahc.org/)

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