Believe it or not, seniors are online! We have compiled a handful of the top websites, searched by seniors according to Google. It’s more than just AARP and Medicaid, the are on Facebook, looking for advice on health, money, technology, or even aging.

Some of these websites for senior citizens are packed with quality information. They have the wonderful tips, news, and content that is easy to read and even videos for easy viewing. This list highlights some of the most useful senior citizen sites and forums.

Travel Websites for Elderly

What is better to do than traveling? Especially when you no longer have to worry about day-to-day responsibilities and duties. The following sites provide information on the best locations and senior discounts.

Frommers ( is a website filled with the best holiday locations for senior citizens. Whether you’re looking for trip ideas, deals & bookings, tips or news, this is the place to be.

Eldertreks (

This is one of the first travel blogs for elderly individuals. It holds more than 15 years of experience within the travel industry.

Evergreen Club (

The evergreen website aims at individuals older than 50 years of age. It offers low-priced B&B’s, peaceful accommodation, and the best guest rooms around.

Suddenly Senior Travel (

Looking for some great senior articles on travel? How about insider tips on senior travel discounts?

Aging Websites for Elderly

When you’re worried about what’s going on in the world, aging with ease isn’t always a straightforward task. These websites for seniors contain the most helpful information for aging individuals. Here you’ll find activities to try at home, retirement, and investment advice. You must use the correct information about essential decisions and lessons like these. Here are our favorite senior citizen’s websites for aging.


Do you need the latest updates on vaccines? How about the latest treatments for Alzheimer’s? Do you know the best essentials to keep in your medicine cabinet?
AARP has it all. On their website for the elderly, you can easily navigate and find what you need when you need it.

Assisted Living Directory (

This excellent site contains information on assisted living facilities across the country. It also offers content and advice for those starting up an assisted living home for the elderly.

National Institute on Aging (

When it comes to health concerns associated with aging, this website will be of enormous help. It offers news, events, research, funding, and health information.
It can be a massive help to the elderly in times of uncertainty and need. You’ll be able to locate the information you need when you need it.

Health Websites for Elderly

As a senior citizen, you will start requiring specific health needs. At the same time, there are various resources you can use to find the information relevant to you. However, the amount of contradicting information online will be overwhelming. The following senior websites offer valuable and accurate information about specific medical conditions.

Web MD (

Web MD is a website that focuses on medical conditions that affect the elderly. Doctors write most their articles, so the site has authority.
 They offer accurate medical advice and information on their easy-to-navigate website. As a result, these articles rank high on relevant searches.

Suddenly Senior Health & Medical (

Are you looking for health and medical articles for seniors? Check out our collection of reviews and guides.

Medicare (

This government site has information about your health, drugs, and medical aid advice. You’ll be able to find doctors and medical facilities with a click of a button.


Humor Websites for Elderly

Laughing, believe it or not, is healthy. Happiness, joy and getting a good laugh every now and then is actually good for mental health and circulation.  We are including some of the best websites with humor for the elderly, but they may make younger people laugh too.

RD Jokes (

Looking for the best videos, funniest pictures, and hilarious old jokes? Well look no further, this website offers you all the amazing pleasures in one place.
No longer do you need to search the web for hours to find suitable content, it’s all put together right here in one place.

Suddenly Senior Jokes (

Are you looking for the largest collection of senior jokes? We’re 2nd to none. Check out our long list of senior joke books.

Swap Meet Dave (

This website has the newest jokes and videos to get the laugh going. Dave features some incredible collectibles he hawked over a significant number of years.

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