Medicaid Approved in Alabama: MedGuard Alert

MedGuard Alert is now an approved provider of emergency medical alert devices in the state of Alabama. We strive to provide our customers with easy to use products like our Care Watch, and On The Go medical alert devices. We also support them with 24hr monitoring and the best customer service. Our customers trust us to provide access to medical professionals when the worst happens.

In Alabama, MedGuard Alert works with the SAIL Waiver program. The State of Alabama Independent Living (SAIL) Waiver provides services to disabled adults 18 years of age or older who have specific medical diagnoses and who would otherwise qualify for care in a nursing care facility. The SAIL program also provides discounts to members on the costs of equipment and monthly services like emergency medical alert systems.

The SAIL Waiver is operated by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

If you live in Alabama, and would like to learn what benefits and discounts you can receive through MedGuard Alert, call today. 1-800-716-1433